26 November 2006

More quirky art links

I so love the Internet!

I'm intrigued by Maggie Taylor's fine art, especially her Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

Robert J. Lang's Origami pushes the boundaries of origami towards paper sculpture. I'd like to use book pages for the art, and then put it into carved openings in the altered book that originally contained that page.

Another folded project currently appears at the c 7 11 23 webpage, which then links to the Nothing New archive. I'll return there to see what's behind the links; what I looked at during my first visit... well, it looked interesting.

Nava Lubelski's The Starving Artist's Way is a clever title, and the website offers instructions for several very simple, innovative, art projects. These are the kinds of ideas that I collect, and then radically adapt to totally different projects, often with different materials.

I love the simplicity and design of some of Lorenzo Mattotti's illustrations and fine art. These figures are likely to spark ideas for art dolls... I'm just not sure what, yet. I just know that, when I saw these figures, something clicked in my brain and the images got filed in the "for art dolls" section of my brain.

Oh my! I'd forgotten that Dale Chihuly's website is full of juicy colors and textures in glass. His art is amazing, which is high praise since I'm generally not a big fan of art glass. I'm aghast and impressed when I see something like his Fireworks of Glass work. I mean, I can't even think in these terms, and the size of these pieces... breathtaking!

Erika Thorpe's 5 doors down features a very artistic site design, plus some inspiring mixed media and digital art. I especially like her precise use of color in contrast with monochromatic (or limited palette) areas. Very cool, and her sense of texture and dimension--in two-dimensional work--is superb. I'm reminded of Dave McKean's work, in a way, but... this is very different as well.

And... ooh, ooh! I found another free font site! Betterfonts.com I've seen many of these 10,000 free fonts before, but some are new (and wonderful) and I especially like the site layout. It's very user friendly!


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