20 December 2006

Assorted links that seem to start and end with paper

I am so in love with the ideas at A4 Paper Cut, I can hardly stand it. I keep looking at that site, thinking, "Yes, but paper isn't exactly a durable medium," and then I think about how much that's offset by the inherent beauty of plain paper, and the accessibility of it as a medium.

Manholes of Japan... who knew?

I was looking for an example of how simple Cafe Press products can be, for my AJmarketing friends and to inspire me to make different stuff. In my search, I found the Calm Philosophy Mug, which I may shamelessly copy... in my own style, of course.

How utterly clever. You know those spinning lights that form words and stuff? Here's a variation, James N. Sears' globe in sneak preview.

Another clever twist on a relatively ordinary process: Verena Schreppel is casting rings and other metal objects from sewn/stitched fabric. The fabric is lost in the process, so each one is a one-off, and... well, this is ingenious and lovely.

If you like that idea, you may also warm to the birch castings at Twig and Heather.

It seems to me that there are a lot of things that could be created with cast metal and innovative approaches to materials, such as these. It's a good thing that I don't work with much metal, or I might be seriously tempted to spend the next year (or so) casting stuff.

And, another cool, global collaborative project, Window Zoo.

I keep feeling drawn back to scrimshaw. I can't explain it. It's something that I did right after I dropped out of college, and then tried again about five years later, and loved. I wouldn't use antique ivory as Jessica Kagan Cushman does, but... I don't know where I'm going with this. It's just something that I think about more & more often, lately.

Do you use tea candles? Check out this idea at Atelier V. In fact, browse the entire site and you may look at your stuff--especially disposables--in entirely new ways.

And finally, kirstoferstrom's Minilogue: Some of these figures in this video are already inspiring doodles that may someday become cloth dolls...


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