13 December 2006

Lots of illustration websites, and a few quirky ones

I think that I'm going to aim to update this weekly on Wednesdays. I'll see how that fits with my schedule.

Here's what I've found this week:

Sometimes, I'm easily amused. That's why I can play & play with the website, Antoine + Manuel (Run your cursor over the dots and see what happens. The board will automatically refresh in about 30 seconds so that you can play again.)

I'm not sure what's going on with The Project Museum, but the concept intrigues me. If you know more, please post a comment to let me know!

Remember Art-o-Mats? They're still thriving. Go find one near you!

The sense of style at Carlos Huante's site.02 inspires me. Oh, I'm not likely to make grotesque images like his--my figures are generally happy--but his use of color and texture in two-dimensional work makes me want to create cloth dolls & figures. In fact, I just bought some stretchy woven suede-type cloth that'd work very nicely for what I have in mind.

While I'm talking about two-dimensional work that triggers ideas for very three-dimensional works, I'm inspired (and sometimes creeped out) by the work of Jochem van Wettan. His sense of minimalism and altered proportions are the specific aspects that leave me thinking about quirky art.

I love the mystery and deceptive simplicity of the illustrations in Beatrice Billard's portfolio.

I'm less enthusiastic about the images by Sophie Jodoin, but I want a studio as large as hers. The concept of space--space in which to be messy--is inspiring! (My current studio has tan carpeting. Seriously. I should have a "Be careful!" neon sign flashing at the doorway. And, I should ban all cats while there are wet paintings laying around.)

There are days--lots of them--when I really, really miss the ocean. (Yes, the Gulf is about an hour from me. It's not the same thing.) So, the art--especially the ships--by John Taylor are inspiring me, big time. I've always liked the idea of using found materials to create houses, particularly bird houses. But, ships... ah, that sparks even greater longings, and greater inspiration!

The imagery at Brian Despain's Imp Head Studio is generally darker than I like, but there's also a whimsical element in them that reminds me of James Christensen's illustrations.

Why didn't I hear about this sooner? Thumbtack Press looks like a fun place to collect--and to sell--prints. (I just started a thread about it at AJmarketing.) I know less about PosterLounge.de, but it might be an alternative for European sales.

And, saving one of the best for last, I'm absolutely in love with the illustrations and other art by Daniel Merriam. It's not a surprise that he grew up in York Harbor, Maine. Local architecture is a clear influence. Lovely, dreamy, fantasy art!


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