14 February 2007

Psychedelic stuff, man

I've been collecting these hippie-type links for awhile. You'll either love them or hate them.

Don't try to watch this if you're on drugs. Or meds. I mean, even aspirin might be too much: Vai Avanti (Timothy Leary would love that webpage. And, it looks as if that's all there is... that one, weird page.)

It's not quite psychedelia, but it is another blast from the past: Space Invaders invades the world. The whimsy of a project like this... it's just so very cool.

Back to "don't watch this on drugs" stuff: My brain wanted to explode when I watched Wildcard for a few minutes. Seriously. I was getting really crossed eyes. I love the concept, but... I can only watch it for about a second.

Typeorganism won't play with your head quite so much, but it's definitely a funky series of experiments. I'm not sure which one is my favorite.

Getting back to normal-ish stuff, I've been a fan of fractals for a long time. Rose Rushbrooke is combining fractals with fabric art. Brilliant!

And, on that note, I'm going to go make art and think about unusual ways to mix graphics & fabric.


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