09 May 2007

Day 2 oil paintings

Oil paintings take days--sometimes weeks--to dry. So, they're often built up in layers over a period of time. The big plus is that, if you add a fresh layer to a dry oil painting and hate the results, you can wipe the new layer off and you're back where you were before.

Even more important: Oil paints usually have far more natural colors for landscapes, compared with acrylic paints. Almost every green that I mix with oils will "look right" in a landscape painting of a wooded area. I can't say that about acrylic paints.

Anyway, today I added the next layer to the snow scene. I have no idea where I'm going with it, but I know that I need the sky and snow scrubbed in. So, that's it on the right. It doesn't look like much, yet, but I like to document my paintings as I work on them.

By contrast, my color study of the salt marsh across from the Bush compound... well, even I am impressed, and I've been painting since I was a little kid. That's it on the left, at the "oil sketch" stage of things. In real life, it looks much better. It's softer and the colors are also more vivid.

That's the painting that I started yesterday, and described it as a "stylized version on canvasboard."

I am really, really pleased with it. In fact, I could probably stop right now and frame it, and it'd look like a million dollars. Well, almost.

I'll keep working on it. I can see a couple of things that I want to change. I've already touched-up a few things since taking that photo. But then, I'll let it dry before doing anything else. As I said, it's nice to be able to wipe off a layer that doesn't work, to get back to a painting that I like. This painting will be for sale when it's completed. Well, maybe. I like it a lot, and I may decide to keep it.

I'm still planning to start some semi-abstracts later today.


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