28 May 2007

Glastonbury Tor, completed?

I think that the Glastonbury Tor painting is completed now. I'll look at it for a few more days before deciding.

This photos is small and a little blurry because I painted while the light was perfect this morning, and then took photos when the sky was dark and overcast. Since I don't use a flash when I take photos of my work, the picture is slightly out-of-focus. Earlier pictures capture the color better, too. But, this photo conveys the mood of it well.

Like almost all of my paintings, this one looks best from about 20 feet away. And, I've already sold it. I absolutely love this painting. It really captures that fresh, slightly wild feeling at the Tor.

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Blogger Superman said...

Oh, I love this. THANK YOU so much for letting me buy it. I'm eagerly waiting the day I hang it on our wall!

3:53 PM  

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