28 May 2007

Lough Gur, started

I've started a painting of Lough Gur, one of Ireland's most mystical sites. It's a lake near Limerick city, and there is supposed to be a faerie castle--or perhaps a portal to the faerie world--beneath the water.

I underpainted (as usual) with acrylics. This photo shows the landscape colors roughed-in, in oils. I'll be making many changes--some significant--before the painting is completed.

My goal is to combine the sense of natural beauty and suggestions of mystery that make Lough Gur so attractive. I want the water to look fascinating, framed in the wild, untamed landscape around it.

The photo above looks only vaguely like the painting at this stage. For example, the red underpainting doesn't show through the water that clearly. But, I like to show the painting process so that people don't think that--presto--these paintings appear on the canvas, perfect from the very start.

Like the Glastonbury Tor painting in my previous post, this picture was taken when the room was fairly dark. This photo is a little blurry for the same reasons.


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