10 May 2007

Trial-and-error dollmaking

Instead of working on more paintings, I switched to sewing yesterday afternoon. I'm remembering how to do strip piecing. I'm testing face options. And, in general, I'm gathering my dollmaking supplies and putting them to use again. In some cases, such as my sewing machine, this involves cleaning and general maintenance.

I'm not entirely pleased with this doll as a product, but she's only half completed right now. And, the back of the doll is far more intricately pieced; I didn't leave a large dark area for her face, so the "better" side became the back.

As a learning tool, I'm delighted with what I'm remembering and learning. I'm sure that there's more trial & error ahead, but this is excellent progress.

Mostly, I can't wait to see what this evolves into as I continue to experiment.

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