10 May 2007

Underpaintings - Glastonbury, Avebury

I've just completed the acrylic underpaintings for the two new landscapes.

First, I underpainted the Glastonbury Tor scene, at right.

Generally, I'm working with the opposite colors of what will be on the finished painting. That's obviously not a rigid rule; sometimes I work more intuitively and in the Impressionist style. In the sky area, the yellow-orange will be below blue paint, and the pale blue will be under the white clouds. Orange, not red, is under green areas, and blue-purple under yellow-green and brownish areas.

After that, I worked on the Avebury scene. I'm especially pleased with the composition; that is, what's where, and how the darks & lights fit in the picture.

Again, I'm working intuitively, but generally applying color opposites to broad areas. In this one, I was more careful to emphasize the darks & lights, because they're important elements in this painting.

I let the acrylic underpainting dry overnight. Tomorrow, I'll start the formal (oils) work on these two paintings.

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