27 September 2007

The last of my big changes at AJ2

I've just announced it to AJ2: I'm stepping back as its owner & moderator, and Red Dog Scott will be taking the helm. I'll still be a member of AJ2... but not its owner and not a moderator.

For more about this and other changes in my life, see http://www.santaflamingo.com/next.htm

This is a relief, really. I need more time and mental space for current and especially upcoming projects.

Oh, this change is not without some anxieties and sadness. For six years, AJ2 has been one of my "babies." But, I've known for awhile that it was time for me to put my energy and focus into other projects, including my own art career. The change at AJ2 was far from an overnight decision!

And, I have total confidence in Red. She and I share some rather colorful (and coincidental) connections in our past, and we've been very good friends online since the mid-1990s. Her Capolan exchange is legendary.

Meanwhile--and this is probably temporary--I'm adding a podcast a day at my revamped podcast site, called Views from Santa Flamingo. They're all about five minutes long (or less) and are about art and creativity. Sometimes I share tips for specific kinds of art. In other podcasts, I talk about creativity in general.

(That will probably become a weekly podcast series, once the novelty wears off my shiny new microphone. Right now, I'm really enjoying not getting headaches from my old headset mic!)

That's today's news. There's been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make all of this happen. I'm probably going to be fairly quiet for a few days.

That's not because I'm terribly sad or anything (mostly, I'm relieved), but because I still have two articles to write this week, and six short stories to write by the middle of October. Busy, busy!



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