17 October 2007

Lighter, by a lot

It's been so interesting to realize how much lighter I feel, having stepped away from many of my "Aisling D'Art" projects. Every day, I'm realizing how small I was living for a long time, and I'm seeing how "small" thinking--my own and a few others'--was wearing me down. This is really, really good to realize

I bought some fabric yesterday. Oh, not very much of it, because I have an outrageous fabric stash already. But, I'm thinking about a wall hanging that will start (at the bottom) with black-and-white and grey fabrics, and then blossom into color towards the top. So, I bought three "fat quarters" and laundered them last night.

Yes, even for wall hangings, I pre-shrink the fabric. While it's unlikely that my completed wall hangings will ever see a washing machine, I'm still a Girl Scout Leader at heart: I try to "be prepared" for any eventuality. I'd be so dismayed if someone who collects my art had to wash it, and it shrunk irregularly.

This morning, I also took notes about things that I used to do, many years ago, when I actually had a business plan and all that good stuff. Oh, I'm grateful that I kept making (and selling) art, but... I'm also chagrined to realize how many successful actions I abandoned.

Oh, well. It's like a rubber stamp that I've owned since the mid-1970s: "Better late than never!" *LOL*


Blogger Neasa said...

Oh, that wall hanging sounds lovely. Don't forget to post a finished picture!

6:30 PM  
Blogger Aisling said...

Thanks! I will do that. Right now, it's mostly an series of slightly disconnected ideas in my head, but I hope to start the construction in the next day or two.

I love the concept... just need to clarify the vision and make it uniquely mine!

Thanks again!

5:39 AM  

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