21 November 2007

Dangerous Detritus

Writer/costumer Sara M. Harvey (aka saraphina_marie at LiveJournal) shared this very cool link: Dangerous Detritus, an Etsy shop featuring steampunk-ish jewelry.

One reason why I like that jewelry is that the process--that is, how it was assembled--is evident.

In a lot of my mixed media art, I don't hide the glue or whatever I've used to hold stuff together. In fact, I may make it one of the leading features of the art.

It's not that I object to the refined elegance of discreet workmanship, but sometimes I like a more primitive look in which the process is fully evident. So, I applaud jewelry like this. If anything, I might like to see it with even more process in it, such as blobs of solder (shiny? aged?) here & there, colored to match the brass wiring. Those additions don't need to be necessary process elements... just more obvious.

I'm becoming a firm believer in doing whatever you do, but big and loud. You are unique, and so is your authentic art. There may be some aesthetic limits to how big and loud you can be, but I'm beginning to think that big-and-loud uniqueness is one element that defines and clarifies style.


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