20 November 2007

What goes, what stays

Stacey asked a very good question about my various art-related websites, and what I'm doing with them.

Most of them will be reintegrated with my Aisling.net website.

A couple of my websites, including ArtBooksReviews.com, will flourish independently. (That website is a collaborative project being built right now. It should be ready for launch in January 2008.)

Generally, I'm phasing out the "Aisling D'Art" pen name. I'm looking at my existing, Aisling-related websites as reference books. Some of them are woefully incomplete. So, the info will remain online, but not as independent websites. The articles will move to Aisling.net, but--after that--Aisling.net probably won't expand.

I plan to continue my podcasts, monthly. Also, I'm not keeping a blog under the name on my paintings (and on my passport), so I'll continue to muse about creativity here.


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