26 December 2007

Your real life is NOW

Procrastination is one of my hardest habits to break. I thought that I was unique with my challenges, but I found out this week that I'm not.

See, I almost always have the idea that, as soon as I get caught up (or finish enough stuff that I can cut back on my current, insanely busy schedule), I'll have time to reorganize and live a healthier, happier, simpler life.

But, as soon as I'm nearing the end of some massive, time-munching projects, I launch (or agree to) a bunch more. I roll right into another stress-filled to-do list.

It almost always ends up the same: I approach my deadlines with a bunch of half-done projects that I rush to completion, with less than satisfactory results. I also bail from the random tasks and projects that I can't possibly fit into my schedule. I end up feeling dissatisfied, and sometimes embarrassed by the work I've done, but I still launch into my next to-do list as if I have all the time and resources in the world. I don't seem to learn, no matter what I say to the contrary.

I'm making some harsh decisions right now, closing out a bunch of projects (and not replacing them) so that I have time, energy, focus and resources to do well with the projects that I'm keeping.

This has been inspired by a Business Week article by Marshall Goldsmit: Dogged by a Daydream. He's talking about his experiences in the field of leadership, but the lessons apply to artists as well. Go read it.



Blogger iHanna said...

Yeah, that is a great article though I belive in planning too, specially this time of the year. Making new goals and trying new things in your life, but of course the main part of our time should be in the present to find zen. Meditation is good too.

Thanks for the link to the article.

4:48 PM  

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