07 January 2008

Filling in my future calendar

This is very, very cool: I'm already scheduled for a one-man show in a prestigious bank along coastal Maine during July and August 2008. This means creating about a dozen cohesive paintings that will appeal to people who -- like me -- love Maine landscapes.

I'm really excited about this venue, because I was part of a group show in that same bank, several summers ago. That's where my big-ticket work sold right away. So, I'm going to be working on really good pieces on relatively large canvases... and lots of them.

This also means getting totally current and clearing a bunch of stuff off my to-do list, so that I have clarity and focus for painting.

S0, I'm filling-in my reviews at Art Books Reviews. I finally added my review for Art Doll Adventures, one of the best cloth doll/figure books, ever. On Wednesday, I'll be adding more audio reviews at that site.

I'm also aggressively completing half-done projects. Currently, some are for Cafe Press, and others are ebooks. It's going to be a busy, productive week!


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