14 January 2008

First seven ATCs at Flickr

Whew! I've scanned and posted my first seven ATCs for the 7/30/365 ATC project. There will be more later this week.

Here's what happened: To work with my scans, I needed more space on my hard drive. So, I tried to burn some CDs with old & unused files, but my CD burner's error message said to defrag the hard drive first.

So, I began a defrag, but I didn't have enough free disk space to do a real defrag. And, using my old, handy-dandy flash memory drive to shuttle files from one computer to another (to burn backup/archive CDs on my other computer) was taking forever.

That meant a trip to the store for a new, larger flash memory drive. Thanks to serendipity, it was on sale for $20. (At that point, I also felt rather like the little old lady who swallowed a fly.)

So, several days later, I have a good flash memory drive, an emptier & defrag'd hard drive, several fresh backup & archive CDs, and... I've finally scanned and posted the first week's ATCs.

I'm now dedicating several hours a week to getting my work area and tools organized. Needing several days just to post a few ATCs... well, that's not very efficient.

That said, I'm getting an idea of how much more I need reorganize. I think that's going to be an ongoing process, alternately weeding out and organizing my studio, and then producing art.


Blogger Pasture said...

You can use Ccleaner to clean up the disk of old, temp files and browser caches. It will help to retrieve some disk space at least, especially if you have a lot of temp files and haven't emptied your recycle bin.

As for defragging, I use use an automatic defragger. It runs in the background and does the job automatically (whenever fragmentation has increased), during system idle, without affecting other programs. Very convenient compared to defragging manually or scheduling one, because I don't have to waste any time on it.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Aisling said...

Thanks for the tips! I especially like the idea of an automatic defragger. It never crossed my mind to look for one. Brilliant!

7:14 PM  

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