30 January 2008

Seeing results!

For awhile now, I've been working on getting my life organized and back on the fine art track. It's a lot like decluttering: It's taken longer than I expected to see results.

This morning, I got up and immediately painted a quick, plein air oil sketch of the sunrise. That's the 8" x 10" sketch, at left. In real life, it's vastly prettier, because the colors are more blended and there are far more colors within each band, as well.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the results. I'm also pleased that I didn't slow down when I realized that a screw is loose in my easel. I simply held the easel still with my foot, and didn't get sidetracked.

Of course, this highlights more work to be done; I'll repair my easel later today. But, I'm feeling accomplished because I kept my focus on my art.

This is my first sunrise sketch like this in about ten years. (I painted a few at Artfest, years ago, but they don't count for a variety of reasons.) I may work on it more, later today. I'm not sure if the colors are vivid enough, and I'm weighing that against the value of these as on-the-spot sketches. The latter may win; I'm trying to avoid being neurotic about trying to make sketches "perfect." (After all, they're sketches.)

After this, my paintings will only appear at my other, fine art website. I'm posting this here to make a point about getting organized: The results may take awhile, but they're worth it. This oil sketch is all the proof I need, to continue organizing my studio and my life.


Blogger Ms. Berliner said...

Waiting out a snowstorm in Shanghai, I've been sitting by the heater, reading/absorbing your "Decluttering Journals" and learning a lot! I'm deeply impressed and equally inspired. Thank you!

5:32 AM  

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