05 January 2008

Whew! Articles completed and current!

It feels like forever since I could take a weekend off without nagging worries about pending deadlines. Yesterday, I finished the last articles in a series that have extended back to Labor Day weekend (when I was at Dragon*Con). Before that, it was still a blur of busy-ness. (I seem to be really good at overbooking. Now, I'm learning to say "no" and focus on quality.)

So, yesterday afternoon, I drove HT all the way to work (that's an hour or two drive, each way, depending on the traffic) and spent the next couple of hours browsing books and magazines at B&N. I left with three magazines and a book... and a bazillion "ah-ha!" ideas for what I want to do next.

Today, I'm going to the local quilting supply shop, and taking advantage of sales at Hancock Fabric (75% off Vogue patterns, and other great values).

Between now and the end of April (or thereabouts), I'm preparing for our move to New England. The logistics are still vague, but we're moving, no matter what. I'm someone who's learned that it's folly to wait for all the traffic lights to turn green before setting out.

Preparing for that move -- which currently looks like another real-life "The Fool" (Tarot) adventure -- includes some major lifestyle and career changes, in addition to massive decluttering and packing.

Lifestyle changes include some big wardrobe improvements, since I kept few cold-weather clothes. I'll be sewing... a lot. Career changes mean emphasis on art (painting and fabric art), supplemented by my writing, and completing a bunch of half-done ebooks & other projects.

In general, I'll be shamelessly working to finance the balance of our move-related expenses; as of early Jan 2008, we can afford to ship our basic belongings and drive to New England, period.

It won't be all work. Next week, I'll catch up on my ATC posts for the 7/30/365 project. I'd also like to try some other projects this year, such as the 365 photos project. And, I have two boxes full of books to review at Art Books Reviews.

But mostly, this is when I have to quit saying, "I'm about to [fill in the blank]" ...and really do it.


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