24 January 2008

Working artist? Willing to relocate?

If you're a working artist (or someone with a home-based business), a town in northwestern PA is ready to help you move into a wonderful old home there... 100% financed plus money to fix up the house. There are gorgeous old Victorian homes in Oil City for less than $50k. There are some for less than $20k.

If you don't want a gallery in your home, downtown gallery spaces are $.49 per square foot, with the rent waived for the first three months. Or, sell through a downtown gallery for a 75/25 split.

The location is rural. There aren't a whole lot of jobs in the area. Since the city is currently reinventing itself, I'm not sure how much traffic you'll get at any location there. Generally, when you see a deal like this, there's a good reason for it.

That said, the town is aggressively revitalizing the city, and they want to attract artists. They actually took out an ad in "Arts Calendar" magazine, which is how I heard about it.

Yes, HT and I are discussing this. It's not the location that I had in mind, but... gosh, in photos, the houses look like a fantasy for us. It wouldn't take much income to afford the mortgage payments, while the city gets back on its feet. This could be a brilliant place to relocate, on many levels.

Interested? See: ARTS Oil City


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