06 March 2008

CMS and Arts-Careers.com

Whew! I've just copied all of the articles at Arts-Careers.com into a new format. I'm using a magazine-style template as a Content Management System (CMS), and it's all based on WordPress.

Right now, there are still a few glitches. For examples, the articles aren't illustrated yet. (That's a code issue, and I need to resize some graphics, too.)

Some of the links aren't current, and a few don't work. I'll work on them as time permits.

There are other small code issues as well... thank heavens, they're nothing major.

But, I'm going ahead with this change, even though the site needs tweaking.

One reason is that the site is now searchable. If someone's only interested in tips about eBay, or Cafe Press, or teaching, or tin foil hats (mentioned once at the site), they can search easily for their favorite topic.

Another reason is that I can update the site as easily as I blog. No massive amounts of HTML, cross-linking from other pages, adding to sitemaps, and so on. So, I can throw marketing ideas onto the site, on whim. I like that.

Finally, anyone who wants to be notified about new articles--and/or read the newest posts--can do so with RSS.

The old pages will remain online for people who've linked to them. (Yes, that's a liability for my search engine rankings, but I'll take my chances there.)

I've put a redirect from the old homepage URL of http://www.Arts-Careers.com/index.html to the new homepage of http://arts-careers.com/success/

As time permits, I'm phasing all of my websites over to this kind of system. (Arts-Careers.com was the guinea pig for this.)

Using CMS trims about 2/3 of the maintenance time from my website work. Even better, improved navigation will make my sites vastly more useful to visitors. It think that this is an "everyone wins" improvement, and I'm very pleased with it.

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