30 March 2008

Early WP 2.5 notes

If you've wondered whether my Sites that Soar! recommendations work with WordPress 2.5 (the newest WordPress version), the answer is: Yes, they do... in most cases.

My Business of Art website is already on WordPress 2.5 and everything looks okay to me, so far.

Note: The Cafe Press banner glitch was not a WordPress issue. Cafe Press just shifted their banners with their affiliate program, to Commission Junction. I didn't realize that, and I'll updating my links and banners. (If you see any broken banners or links at that site, that's what's going on.)

If you've been using Cafe Press affiliate banners, log into to the Cafe Press site for info so that your links keep working, too.

However, I had some problems with the Enhanced WP Contact Form at one of my other sites. Looking at the WordPress forums, some other people are having a few problems as well.

So, I don't recommend upgrading to WP 2.5 until the dust settles a little more... if at all. Unless a major security update is released, I'm not convinced that WordPress 2.5 is enough of an improvement to be worthwhile.

If you are updating your WordPress to 2.5, I've written an article for my Sites that Soar! readers, talking about the only two tweaks I've had to make with the WordPress upgrade: WP 2.5 - plugin fix, upload error fix

(I've just started building that website, but it will expand with info for people who are using the systems that I recommend in my book.)


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