11 April 2008

Other sites for art marketing tips

As you know, I'm very interested in marketing art. That's why I created my other website, The Business of Art.

This morning, I read a great article posted by Barbra Sundquist, called How to Sell Art: The Artist's Guide to Marketing. It's written by Alice Parmalee Rich, who has posted several interesting, business-related articles at her website, as well.

I'm thrilled that artists and home business experts are sharing their tips for success in the arts. For a long time, there was an invisible barrier between artists and the mainstream business world.

Though artists generally choose modified versions of commercial marketing models, we can still learn a lot from others' approaches to sales and marketing.

That's one reason why I keep recommending Seth Godin's blog. Of course, I'm enthusiastic about his books, but he also shares massive amounts of useful marketing information -- free -- at his blog.



Blogger Barbra Sundquist said...

Thank you for mentioning my article Ainsley

11:06 AM  

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