08 April 2008

Photo tips for crafters

If you're selling your crafts through eBay, Etsy, and so on, here's a really useful article to help you take better photos.

Photojojo - Shoot to Sell: Taking better photos for eBay, Etsy and Instructables

I also highly recommend the book,Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectibles: Take Great Digital Photos for Portfolios, Documentation, or Selling on the Web. Every artist selling online (or applying to juried shows) should read that book... and probably own a copy.

(I do, and it's even traveling with me in the car when we move. The book is that important.)
Also, I just found a much less expensive source for the Seven Secrets Seminar... the one that changed everything about my online marketing.
My online income more than tripled in the three weeks after I followed just a few of his recommendations... and none of his resources cost me a cent.

He tells you how to make your website look great, and he tells you where and how to get important links to your site, free.

Perhaps even more important, he tells you how not to link to your site... doing it the wrong way can jeopardize your standing at Google, big time.

(Sure, I'm smart enough not to sign up for a "links4free" deal. But, he points out other blunders that never crossed my mind. Without his warning, I could have made a huge mistake, easily.)

This seminar series is well worth $7. I've listened to each of the MP3s at least three times, and I'm going to hear them again this afternoon, because I'm still learning from him.
Here's the link: Seven Secrets Seminar. That's just the seminar series, and it costs $7.

(That is my affiliate link. That said, I recommend this series no matter where you buy it.)

Here's another link to the same seminar series with some nifty-looking bonuses (that I haven't heard)... but the price is $17. - http://www.simplewebbusiness.com/seminar/

(That one is not an affiliate link. But, some people will want the bonuses that the reseller includes.)


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