25 April 2008

Steering a slightly different course

This past week has taught me a lot about business. I'm realizing the importance of branding, especially online, and what a mistake it was for me to split up my articles into topics.

Well, no, let me rephrase that: The mistake was creating the smaller, topic-focused websites that don't very clearly reinforce their connection with me.

Now is not the time to overhaul what I'm doing as Aisling D'Art. I am literally sitting here waiting for the moving company to arrive.

After we move, I knew that I was going to re-integrate my smaller websites into one larger site. The site design that I'm using at The Business of Art makes that possible; I'll be using that design for most of my websites.

What I've seen this past week confirms my decision to reorganize my online presence, but for an added reason: Clearer branding.


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