06 April 2008

Two big accomplishments

These have been huge projects, and I'm running about two weeks late with everything else... but the results have been worth the stress.

First, if you've been waiting for me to create the affiliate programs for Sites that Soar!, they're ready. I'm working with E-Junkie and Clickbank.

You can earn $6 for every copy of Sites that Soar! that sells to someone you refer to my book (with a discreet link, if you like). One friend made over $300 this past week, telling others about the book.

Affiliate information is at the Sites that Soar! website:

Sites that Soar! affiliate information

Also, so many people asked me how I like E-Junkie and what they offer, I wrote an article about it: E-Junkie review.
In addition, if you know about my paranormal website, I've just completed the redesign for it. All 300+ articles and photos. It's in 'sneak preview' mode this weekend, to test the links, but if my newsletter readers don't find anything horrendously wrong with the site, the new design goes live early next week.

My next big project (after we move at the end of this month) will be a redesign of Aisling.net, but -- having tried a few of these sites now -- the redesign is totally worthwhile. Now, I can update my sites in minutes, not hours.

(Trust me, I wouldn't have copied the 300 paranormal articles to the new design if this wasn't more than worth the time and effort.)

My ebook shows exactly how you can do the same thing: Sites that Soar!


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