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The 'Cheap Art Manifesto'

For awhile now, many of us have felt growing dissatisfaction with some popular arts events. They're profit-driven, and priced beyond what the average artist can afford. And, they're expanding into other arts areas, too.

There comes a time when pricing at "what the market will bear" holds arts events--and, to some degree, the arts--hostage. You need an affluent full-time job just to afford some of the bigger events. And, when you get there, the environment feels more like cliques than the free expression of art.

It's time to stop the nonsense. Let's earn our money by making & selling art, not by overcharging students.

This concept emerged from a discussion of what's popularly called 'the Cheap Art Manifesto'. It was created by the Bread & Puppet theatre in Vermont.

Here it is. Feel free to copy it, print it, put it at your own website, and share the message with others:

cheap art manifesto

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