- welcome to Aisling's Artistic Visions, a site of visual arts and inspiration for artists, plus Aisling's diary.  Really.  Welcome, and I hope you enjoy this website.  Since you're reading this anyway, I'd like to thank my many students and the collectors who choose my art.  Thanks to the galleries and publications which help others to discover my art, and art like it.  I'd also like to thank Teesha and Tracey Moore for Artfest and The Studio Zine; SARK for all that she does; Peter London for his Secondhand Art book; my friends and family for their continued support; and especially YOU for visiting my website.  Thanks!

Aisling's Art Auctions

To find out about my current eBay auctions, visit my "About Me" page at eBay.

Thanks for your interest in my art!


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the cloth doll at the top of the page is Aisling's Journal Doll from Artfest 2001.
the tag says, "be the art - do the art - CREATE!"