24 October 2009

Still here!

Although I'm starting a fresh blog at Aisling.net, I'm going to leave this older blog in place since so many people have linked to my past posts.

For current news & art, visit Aisling.net as it transforms into a larger, more easily navigated website... with a new blog.

08 January 2009

Oh. Right. This blog...

With everything that seems to be going on at LiveJournal, where I've kept a blog for over eight years, I realized that I'd better update this blog.

Since my last post...

We settled in NH, but not as near the coast as we plan to be by the end of 2009.

HT and I are still blissfully happy, after nearly seven years. (I say that and it sounds weird. I mean, it's like we've always been together, but it's also as if we're just starting our lives together.)

I'm slowly making more time for art. I'll have a lot to say about that.

I woke up in the middle of last night and realized that I'm making the same mistakes that I think my mother did: I'm neglecting my art in favor of "sure thing" income... being a desk drone, even if I am self-employed.

I'm also looking at what I can do with my life that is 100% fun. Instead, I've been doing things as a "means to an end" or something like that.


If it's not all about creativity, it drags me down a bit. Even if that's just a little bit... it's not okay. It has to be about the art.

I'll have a lot more to say about this, but -- for now -- I'm winding down a bunch of things that don't totally delight me.

This is going to irk more than a few people. Too bad. I want to create art... paintings, paper arts, cloth dolls and figures, and wearable art.

Everything else has to be a very part-time pursuit.

That's where I am, this morning. It's a new year and it's filled with new opportunities, and it's time for me to steer this ship towards the stars, leaving the mundane well-it's-a-paycheque stuff in the dust.

10 June 2008

Moved, but still getting settled

Well, it's been over a month since we left Texas. It's been quite an adventure, so far.

Right now, we've put down temporary roots in a townhouse condo just outside Portsmouth, NH. It's four floors, plus a huge deck overlooking a spacious backyard that's backed by lush, green forest and the most amazing sunrises.

We're here through the end of July, while we get a better sense of exactly where we want to live and what HT wants to do.

In Houston, almost all of his waking hours were devoured by (a) commuting to & from work, and (b) work + overtime. He's never really had hobbies, or time to think about what he'd really like to do with his life.

So, as I said, this is an adventure!

Right now, he's sleeping. I'm still in my pajamas. I seem to sleep for about four hours, work for four hours, go back to bed for four more, and then stay up until it's night again.

I'm finishing up several paintings. I've completed three since we've been here, and I have another half dozen in progress. I'm also updating my websites as much as I can with a variable Internet connection.

I'm also working on the new edition of my WordPress book, Sites that Soar! (The new one will be for WordPress 2.5.x.)

Mostly, I'm trying balance the idea of making this a "summer vacation" (or at least a "painting holiday" since my big show is in about three weeks) and giving HT the space that he needs to sort out his future.

We both love living here. Seeing all of this through HT's eyes, as he comments about the vastly improved quality of life here... it's incredibly rewarding!

Thanks to everyone whose encouragement, support and good wishes helped us to get here!