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Aisling's online art gallery

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oil landscape painting of kilmallock
oil paintings

At this website, you can see my oil paintings and sketches.

The following art is at my new websites, or in the process of moving there:

art journals
art journals

Read my diaries and journals at this website (

But, learn how to create and keep your own art journals at one of my other websites featuring free art instruction,

art dolls
art dolls

See a few of my original dolls, read some how-to articles and download free patterns at Wild Art Dolls.

pocket shrines

You can see some of my art shrines, from matchboxes to wall displays, and read how to make your own art shrines at

Fabric Art
fabric art

In the late 1970s through the late 1980s, I was best known for my quilts, wearables, and household art. is probably the least complete of my new sites, but--once these sites are fully moved--it may be the fastest-growing.

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