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    20 April - 15 May 2003
    - introduction -

    artist's statement
    This is another turn-the-page scan of an offline journal. I started it on April 20th, when I began seriously to address the clutter, sorting and packing necessary to prepare for my upcoming move.

    The journal is a flimsy, soft-cover composition notebook. Because of this, the pages often buckle, and what's on a page often shows through to the other side of the paper. Nevertheless, this journal contains many collages that I'd display as fine art.

    The writing went directly to the page; it was not written and edited somewhere else first. It's entirely stream-of-consciousness.

    Likewise, the art was created on the page, and no pages were removed in the process. I like to think that the art is even more expressive than the text is.

    In scanning the pages and posting them online, I've set this up so you can click on the page to see the next page. And, in a small corner of the page you're viewing, the next page is already loading, to make the viewing process smoother.

    You can click on any single page from the index to this journal, or you can click-through, page-by-page, with commentary.

    The front cover is first...


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    lotsa art!

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