Aisling's Personal Art Journals, 2000 - 2004

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My art journals from 2000 through 2004 show the changes in my art over four years, and--while sharing parts of my story as I left a 20-year marriage--mostly show how I approach art journaling as a means of deep self-exploration and expression. Two complete journals remain online, for you to read page-by-page: Aisling's Daily Collages - April/May 2002, and Aisling's Decluttering Journal - a very personal art journal.

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2000 - early 2001
These pages are from my first serious "art journal", the one that I call my "Hogwarts Journal", because it was influenced by my enjoyment of Harry Potter novels. I wrote this journal in 2000 and early 2001. I put the cover and six pages from it online. These are two of them:

August - Dec 2001 (Journal #610 from the 1000 project)
In August 2001, I was fortunate to receive one of the journals from the "1000 Journals" project. I was the second person to add to it, and I was actually writing in the journal when my daughter called me on 9/11 and told me to turn on the television, immediately. Click here to see scans of all the pages from that journal, before I passed it along to Melissa McCobb Hubbell.

before 9/11

after 9/11

Artfest 2002
When I travel, I often create complete journals that document that trip and how it changed me. These are a few of the 61 pages in the journal I worked on while teaching at Artfest 2002, Seattle, Washington. They show a variety of travel journaling techniques.

April - May - June 2002
This is my first daily art journal, created in a 5" x 8" sketchbook. It is entirely torn-paper collages, created spontaneously when I first woke up each morning. Late April 2002 was a time of desperate unhappiness. Sessions with the marriage counsellor had failed, and--in front of my husband (who'd selected her) she announced--"You should have left him years ago." Then, during May, I met the man whom I call "HT", and my life changed. This complete journal is online, page by page. Aisling's Daily Collages - a personal art journal

10 June - 1 July 2002
The happier I became in my online friendship with HT, the more stress was placed on me at home. I began a new journal. This one was larger (9" x 12") and I began to include text.

2 July - 16 July 2002
A new journal, continuing the style of the last one. During this journal, I began to realize that my relationship with HT was more than friendship, and this was both exhilarating and terrifying. I had no intention of becoming deeply involved with another man, but he was sweeping me off my feet.

23 July - 30 August 2002
With some trepidation, I agreed to meet HT in real life. He lived almost 2000 miles from my NH home. With a significant age difference between us, as well as anticipated cultural differences, I was very nervous about the outcome. On one hand, I wanted to know the truth. On the other, I didn't want the fantasy to end so soon.

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