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If you've seen the changes at my book (and video) review site, Art Books Reviews, that's a preview of what's ahead at

I'm re-integrating most of the articles at my other sites, so you can find them all here.

The first set of articles to move back to this website is the Business of Art collection. All of my how-to articles related to an art career are now at this site... in the new format.

However, until I remove my current homepage, you won't see the new homepage.

Don't let that stop you! You can access the articles, as they move in, at

As soon as the new site design is just a little more filled-in, I'll swap homepages so you can access the articles more easily.

Meanwhile, pardon the dust and disorder. The benefits will be worth it in the long run.



Are you looking for a good, easy challenge that can kick your creativity into high gear? Join the 7/30/365 Art Card Project! Start at any time. Begin with a seven-day goal, and expand from there, all the way up to a-card-a-day for a year, if you like.

If you're playing, be sure to join our Flickr group and share your art cards:


My blog still where it's been for 10+ years: When the entries are installed in the new site design, that link will forward to my newest blog entry.


Get inspired! Listen to art podcasts! Mine are created on a highly irregular schedule. Find them at Aisling D'Art's podcasts (That's

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