29 June 2007

Sunrises and faerie rings

This is a time of year when I see so much beauty around me. I can only capture it in photos, because it's too hot outside--even in the early morning--to paint en plein air. But, I'm taking a bazillion photos to use for work in my studio. I take most of my photos in Bush Park (yes, that's its real name), which I drive through twice a day.

Here's the sunrise this morning:

This afternoon, on the way home from taking HT to the bus stop, I stopped at the same parking area and took the next photo just a few feet away from the location, above.

That's a faerie ring in front of the tree... an almost perfect circle. It's huge. The smallest mushroom is about three inches across. I saw it from the road, about 40 feet away, and immediately pulled into the parking lot to take pictures.

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