22 December 2007

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule... or whichever holiday/s you celebrate this month, if any. It's a glorious time of year to relax, enjoy the season, and reconnect with friends and family. It's also an ideal time to set goals to make the new year your very best.

Early in 2008, I'll start making daily art cards. (I haven't started, yet.) I hope you'll join the fun!

Also, I've admired Seth Godin for a long time. Now, he has a free report, Money For Nothing (and your clicks for free) [PDF]. If you're representing yourself or your business online, it's worth reading.

I'm reorganizing my online time, to reduce how much time I'm at the keyboard each day. I'm using iGoogle as my homepage, using RSS feeds and gadgets as much as I can, and a few links where RSS isn't practical. I've created several tabs, such as "art," "business," "spirituality," "fun," and so on, so that I can just click through them and see the latest from the websites I most enjoy. (This is a good reason to have at least one blog--or something with RSS--at your website.)

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