29 December 2007

Looking back, looking forward

2007 was a great year, and I'm incredibly excited about 2008. Everything is falling into place for our move back to New England, and I'm wrapping my brain around the career changes that will be part of that.

This morning, I heard from an artist whose art and energy are worth noting: Sarah Haskell. She's creating some wonderfully innovative and profound series with fiber. I especially like her use of contrast in series such as Praise for Life, balanced with simple areas of color and line. There's a glorious peace in that series.

I'm becoming increasingly more sensitive to the importance of simplicity in art and in life. I seem to do a fair amount of "two steps forward, one step back" as I declutter and streamline my life in preparation for our move. As I weed out things that aren't as important to me, I have more time and focus for the things that vastly enhance my life... things that sometimes get lost in the whirl of busy-ness and "good enough" possessions.

Sometimes good things nudge me forward. At other times, frustration reaches a level where change becomes imperative. I feel as if 2007 included both good and bad, opulently, supporting my decision to move and resume focus on my fine arts career. I'm grateful for every step on this path, and the amazing insights along the way.

I hope that 2008 brings you every joy and happiness, and creativity in abundance!