11 April 2008

Other sites for art marketing tips

As you know, I'm very interested in marketing art. That's why I created my other website, The Business of Art.

This morning, I read a great article posted by Barbra Sundquist, called How to Sell Art: The Artist's Guide to Marketing. It's written by Alice Parmalee Rich, who has posted several interesting, business-related articles at her website, as well.

I'm thrilled that artists and home business experts are sharing their tips for success in the arts. For a long time, there was an invisible barrier between artists and the mainstream business world.

Though artists generally choose modified versions of commercial marketing models, we can still learn a lot from others' approaches to sales and marketing.

That's one reason why I keep recommending Seth Godin's blog. Of course, I'm enthusiastic about his books, but he also shares massive amounts of useful marketing information -- free -- at his blog.


09 April 2008

Blessing Bird assemblages / shrines

My friend Erin (dindrane at LiveJournal) is amazing. She finds the most interesting websites!

This morning, she sent me a link to Blessing Bird, to see some fabulous and simple shrines and assemblages.

What impressed me the most is the ambiance at that website. It really conveys to me the sacred nature of her shrines. I like that.


13 February 2008

Jason Miller: Clever, original

This morning, I was doing some research and--by sheer illogic and luck--landed at Jason Miller's website, www.millerstudio.us. His work is witty, tremendously original, and fun. I especially like the simple delight of it.

Go look. Before you leave his homepage, run your cursor over the picture and see his comments. Then, click on 'Projects' to see some of his clever art in a variety of media. I think you'll be impressed and--I hope--inspired to create some quirky, highly original art of your own.


16 December 2007

New, interesting, and sometimes inspiring

I love the Incredible Hand Paintings by artist Guido Daniele. I look at them and think about body art for next year's RenFaires.

Peng-Peng Bears & Sock Monkeys are cute, but what impresses me the most are her marketing strategies. If you're looking for someone to model in terms of success, this is one to study!

Speaking of marketing, have you seen Uber? I know that there are a lot of websites like that, and I haven't signed up for Uber yet, but their site looks attractive and professional.

Getting back to art inspiration: It'd take some tweaking, but I see potential at TEXT-IMAGE.com. What immediately comes to mind is printing people's faces on fabric, to use as a wallhanging that's a commentary about computers and our loss of uniqueness and identity. I'd probably combine the portraits with bar codes and other symbols of mechanized identities.

And, this morning I've been researching American Luminist artists. Though my art generally includes obvious brushstrokes, I'm inspired by that movement's focus on colors in the sky and in nature. But, while looking at related websites, I stumbled onto White Mountain Art and Artists, focusing on the artists who painted New Hampshire's White Mountains during the 19th century.

It's time for me to do some painting, and get ready to visit the Menil Collection, a Houston, Texas art museum listed in "1000 Places to See..."


12 August 2007

Transportation Futuristics

I've always been dazzled by rosy views of the future. Here's a website that delights me: Transportation Futuristics.

It's an .EDU website, and sometimes great pages like these vanish when university policies change or a student (or staff member) leaves. If you love any of the graphics--as I do--you may want to save them to your own hard drive. Or, you can hope that the Wayback Machine saves them.

Also see: History of Robots in the Victorian era. Wonderful fantasies!

If you like this kind of retro stuff, you may want to send a Retro-Gram.

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