11 May 2007

Avebury, day 2

I'm quickly becoming a believer in the value of underpainting, at least for my neo-Impressionist style. I'm also beginning to wonder why I stopped painting for so long.

After yesterday's successful painting, I started to wonder, "Was that a fluke? One of those weird times when the 'first try' is wonderful, and successive efforts don't measure up? Was that painting successful primarily because I've painted that particular scene so many times?"

Well, today's first layer of oil paint on the Avebury standing stones painting... it speaks for itself. It's also nearly completed. It's not a photographic-type painting; it looks best from about a dozen feet away. That said, it looks tremendous a dozen feet away.

I'm especially pleased with the magical effect of the colors in the sky, showing through from the underpainting. I wanted to convey the beauty, simplicity and sense of enchantment at Avebury. I think that I'm succeeding.

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