02 October 2007

Podcast URL changing

For the next 48 hours, the domain name ViewsFromSantaFlamingo.com may be unavailable. I'm setting it up as a blog with podcast access.

In the meantime, you can always reach those podcasts at http://aisling.libsyn.com


26 September 2007

New and improved podcasts!

I'm still learning how to use my new microphone, but that gave me an excuse to work on my long-time art-related podcast.

It used to be called Miles Away from Mundane. It's now called Views from Santa Flamingo.

That's because SantaFlamingo.com is about to become the hub of my online activities. That will be my primary, art-related newsletter. (Newsletter readers will find out what's new at my websites, as well as my newest art-related products, and you'll get regular freebies.)

SantaFlamingo.com is where my artsy podcasts will be linked, with notes. It's where I'll highlight my newest adventures, upcoming art sales, my auctions, and so on.

So, linking my podcasts to that website makes sense.

Anyway, I re-recorded my previous two podcasts and added a new one today. And, I'm conducting a poll at LiveJournal (where I'm "aisling") to get an idea of how often people like to hear (and download) new podcasts.


25 September 2007

AJ2 poll concludes, podcasts change again

The AJ2 census/poll concluded early this morning, and 193 people voted to remain in the group. I'm very pleased!

Now, I'll be manually removing the ~1300 members who didn't respond to the census/poll, or who asked to be removed.

Meanwhile, I woke up with clarity about my podcasts. I was trying to change something which needed more focus--a clearer sense of identity--not a different focus.

So, later this week, my former Miles Away from Mundane podcast is changing to Views from Santa Flamingo, with a lot more of the Aisling-type stuff in it... ways to be more creative in an everyday context, including art journaling. (This will coincide nicely with the arrival of my new microphone, which should also improve sound quality.)

(The Miles Away from Mundane podcast will move to a new channel, and it'll be more about my gallery-type work, such as my oil paintings and fabric art wallhangings.)

I'm going to be doing a lot more with podcasts in the future, including a monthly podcast related to Ireland and Irish ancestry. It'll include some genealogy tips, some travel stuff, reviews, events and cultural info.

And, I've picked up a quick writing gig which means completing six short stories by the middle of October. So, I'm going to be all kinds of busy for a couple of weeks... as if I needed to add anything to my schedule...! *LOL*

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21 September 2007

The headset solution

If you've listened to my podcasts, you know that I've been wrestling with the pops and creaks that occur when I move my head. Oh, my head is fine... but my Logitech headset isn't. The mic is super-sensitive.

This past week, researching microphones, I read that others have had similar problems. That got my brain working: If it's not a defective mic, maybe there's a solution!

This morning, I figured it out. I hot glued the microphone in place. We're talking lots & lots of hot glue. And... it worked!

Oh, I've ordered a better quality microphone so that my podcasts won't sound quite so much like I'm talking down a paper towel tube or something. But, until the new mic arrives, I can keep using the Logitech headset; it's working vastly better, now. In fact, I recorded three weeks' worth of ghost-related podcasts this morning, with minimal editing. Life is good!

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