08 January 2008

Trickery Treat

I'm trying to remember if I mentioned this; I think that I did, but I'm not sure. Also, this has nothing to do with art... it's just cool. Or maybe it's only cool to me, but anyway:

The book, Trickery Treat by Diana G. Gallagher, is finally in bookstores and it's at Amazon. It's in the series of novels based on the TV show, Charmed. In this book, it's Halloween and the girls are dealing with ghosts in their home. It's a fun, light, but fast-paced story.

No, I didn't write that book. I'm in it. The "guest star" is a ghost hunter who helps the Charmed sisters deal with the ghosts & other spirits. The ghost hunter is called Fiona, and the character is based on me. Very cool!

I've been in novels before. For example, the 1989 gothic novel, Island of the Lost Rubies by Patricia Werner, also "stars" me. (But, that book is out of print.) As I recall, my son's name was used for one of the characters, too.

I think that I've been in other novels, but I don't recall the others right now.

Anyway, the author of Trickery Treat is sending me an autographed copy of the book, and that absolutely delights me!