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Letterboxing in Nashua, NH
2005 by aisling d'art

Park your car near Nashua's Gilson Road Cemetery, and find two easy letterboxes.

The challenge is to find Gilson Road Cemetery. Once you're there, these were within five minutes of each other, but the second one has been reported missing.


Gilson Road Letterbox

Gilson Road Letterbox stamp, Nashua, NH

Terrain: Gentle, paved
Clues: Easy
Notes: As with any rural letterbox in New England, watch out for poison ivy!
And, do NOT dig, and do NOT take apart any stone walls.

Once you find Gilson Road Cemetery, park on the residential street at the entrance to the subdivision across from the cemetery.

Stand at the SSE corner, across the street from the cemetery. Take the jogging path to your right. You'll walk (generally towards the south) approx. 125-130 paces along this paved path, down a gentle slope, until you see an outcropping of boulders to your right. These are about 20 paces from the paved path.

Climb the gentle hill to the boulders, watching out for poison ivy, and look behind the westernmost boulder, at its western side.

You'll see a smaller rock with lichen on it, slightly triangular and about 15 inches wide at its widest point. Roll this stone towards the west to reveal the treasure beneath.


NH Ghosts Letterbox

NH Ghosts letterbox, Nashua, NH

Terrain: A little treacherous if you aren't accustomed to New England cemeteries.
Clues: Easy to follow, but look carefully to find the box; it's a sandwich-sized Rubbermaid container with a white lid.
Notes: Do NOT move any stones in the wall. (Damage to the cemetery is punishable by up to a $10,000 fine.)


To look for it anyway: Return to where you started when you were looking for the first box (above). Cross the street and enter Gilson Road Cemetery.

Watch your step, because the ground is uneven, there are holes in the ground, and depressions over unmarked graves at the back of the cemetery can be slightly hazardous. However, this remains a typical New England rural cemetery, so it's not overgrown or extremely dangerous.

There are just a few headstones, but find the one marked "Walter Gilson." It's easiest to identify because it has a baffling hole through it. (For more info, see this ghost webpage about the headstone.)

Standing at the Walter Gilson headstone, walk directly back to the stone wall at the rear of the cemetery. To find your treasure, you may want to sit down, because the box is fairly low, although not on the ground.

Peer into the wall, examining the holes in it. You will not need to touch anything. The box is in plain sight, not hidden by any rocks, sticks, bricks, or other objects. It's simply tucked well into an existing opening in the stone wall.

If you look thoroughly--again, not moving any stones in the wall--you will spy the white lid of the NH Ghosts Letterbox.

This cemetery is rarely visited, except at night when the land in back of the cemetery becomes a hangout for teens with beer. So, don't visit this cemetery at night.

Also, this cemetery faces a residential area, and while it's fun to share letterboxing with others, it's probably best not to draw attention to what you're doing.

Make certain that you replace the box well into the opening in the stone wall so the box is not spotted by casual visitors to the cemetery.

Read this disclaimer before letterboxing.


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