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Letterboxing Along Seacoast NH
2005 by aisling d'art

The NH Seacoast is the vicinity of Hampton and Portsmouth, NH. The edges blur between towns, so locals usually just call it "the Seacoast." And so, when I carved my first Seacoast-related letterbox stamps, I didn't realize that others had used that same name for their stamps/boxes, too.

However, a stamp is a stamp, so--when I planted them--some of mine bore the name "Seacoast."


Seacoast1 letterbox (not drewclan)

Seacoast1 Letterbox - Missing

This first letterbox was actually on the trail to an earlier (and, frankly, far better) drewclan letterbox. It was at Odiorne Point Science Center park. And, in case you're trying to figure it out, the stamp is supposed to show a lighthouse.

Odiorne Point Science Center park is an ideal spot for hiking, birdwatching, or letterboxing.

Seacoast2 Letterbox - Missing

Seacoast2 letterbox stamp

This stamp--now missing--was at the Urban Forestry Center, not far from Yoken's in Portsmouth, NH. It's an ideal location for letterboxing, but the mosquitos can be ferocious during a warm, damp year.

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