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Letterboxing at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA
2005 by aisling d'art

before visiting any Washington State Park,
it's a good idea to review their regulations

In past years, I used to visit Fort Worden every year, to teach at an annual arts event. Although I plan to visit Seattle in the future, I'm no longer able to check on these boxes regularly; I live in Texas. The Port Wilson Letterbox is the only one that seems to remain intact, as of late in 2004.

Fort Worden Trails
fort worden trails

This one was easy to find, but the stamp is missing now. It was at the main desk at the office at Fort Worden State Park. They kept it in the box directly behind the counter, with the Junior Ranger stamps, and so on.

Even though this stamp is missing, get a trail map and visitor's info before hiking to look for other stamps. The Fort Worden staff is very helpful, and they're easy to work with if you're planting any letterboxes. (Get their okay before planting any.)

Point Wilson Letterbox
pt. wilson letterbox

At Fort Worden State Park, find Battery Stoddard. It's an easy walk from the office. Take the trail uphill, just west of Battery Stoddard. Continue straight up the trail, past the wooden step-like rails. Continue past the first bench.

first bench
first bench

Pause and sit at the second stone bench, and enjoy the view.

second bench
second bench
view from bench
view from bench
point wilson
pt. wilson lighthouse

Stand, and turn to your right. Take about 38 paces uphill on the trail. You'll go past two "waterbars" in the ground. They look like railroad ties, with Xs across them.

Continue up the trail. About 19 paces from the second waterbar, on your left you'll see a large evergreen tree with a burrow started in the base of it. The letterbox is tucked just in back of that tree.

a waterbar

tree on the left
burrow started in tree
burrow in tree

"Artfest Was Here" Letterbox (with a nod to "Kilroy Was Here")


Continue up the trail. You may be glad that you picked up a trail map at the Fort Worden office, so you can find Memory's Vault easily. That's where this letterbox is hidden. (For info about Memory's Vault, see this website.)

At the vault, find the sheltered chair.

sheltered chair

From the chair, turn to 140 degrees (SSE) and look at the split trees. They're about 14 paces from the chair (and no more than three or four paces off the trail.) The letterbox is in a green-lidded Rubbermaid container, hidden in the ivy in the elbow of the trees.

the two trees

letterbox in the ivy

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