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Left page: a hand printed on a photo of big purple flowers and greenery. 

Right page:  "It seems to me that before a man tries to express anything to the world he must recognize in himself an individual, a new one, very distinct from others." 

--Robert Henri


It can be scary, choosing to express oneself as different from others.  However, sometimes what we say is what others need to hear.  Perhaps more of us are "different" from homogenized society, than we have been led to believe.

Expressing our differences, especially in a universal language such as art, empowers ourselves and others.  Each person who encounters our thoughts and dreams, manifested as art, will take away something good and important.

Every statement we make, whether with music, paint, or even the hum of a finely-tuned engine, has the opportunity to impact the world in a positive way, exposing a clearer truth than people previously understood.

That first step, recognizing that we are not a uniform copy of the others in our neighborhood, town, classroom, or workplace, is vital.  We must speak from that confident position, that we are unique and worthwhile individuals.  Then, our voices will be distinguished from the growing drone of the media repeating scripted sales pitches and false assurances, disguised as entertainment.

They say that the truth will set you free, and that is true.  But the truth must come from deep within, and manifest the unique voice that each of us has.  

Each unique voice that speaks, makes it safer for others to use their own voices, and create an original, rich, and beautiful world.


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