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Left page: a hand printed on a photo of a womans face, clouds, and blue sky. 

Right page:  "That old saying about opportunity only knocking once is as archaic as the flat-earth theory and as patently untrue.  Opportunity knocks all the time -- and it rings your doorbell, calls you up, and sends you emails." 

--Victoria Moran, in Creating a Charmed Life


I was in a New Age cult for many years.  Thinking that I was assisting them to do something noble, I gave them my money, my energy, and my support, while following their advice to the letter.  It was a horrendous mistake.  I am lucky to have walked away when I did.  Many others are not so lucky.

However, for several years after leaving the cult, I mourned the loss of the years that had passed.  I saw only the opportunities that I'd missed, and the friendships and business relationships I'd abused in a misguided effort to do what was best.

It took me a long time to realize that the opportunities are still here.  Maybe in different areas now, but they're just as promising, and now I have added business skills: I know what not to do!  *grin*

Almost without exception, there is no mistake you've made, no opportunities you've ignored or squandered, that prevent you from finding new ways to use your talents and express yourself artistically and/or professionally.

What I learned from my experience is this:  There may be people who cannot forget your past mistakes.  Once you have repaid old debts and apologized where necessary, let the past go, and kindly step past those who cannot do the same.

Opportunities are everywhere.  Everyone you meet, every place you go, every call, letter, and email you receive may represent an invitation to a fabulous experience.  Some of these will move your career forward.  Others will enrich you in other ways.

Opportunity may be shy, disguised, or playing a big trombone.  You do need to look for it, sometimes.  But mostly, it's not opportunity that's stopped knocking when your professional/creative tide seems to be out; it's that you need to polish up your self-esteem and re-realize that you have tremendous things to offer.  



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