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Journaling Your Past
©2004, by Aisling D'Art

This is a workshop that I teach regularly, to enable people to journal their memories, especially from childhood. This can be a full-day or half-day workshop, for teens, adults, or a special day for parents & teens together. I can also teach it as a series of one-hour workshops, usually once a week for four weeks.

It can be a written workshop, but you can also collage, cartoon, create music, film parts of it as videos... do anything you want, to express the concepts.

Here are the class worksheets and handouts. In the actual classes, you receive far more information, but this is enough to get you started on your own. These are copyrighted pages, but you can print them out for personal use. (Please do not copy them for your own classes, without permission.)

Most people need a workshop or class to actually sit down and document this kind of personal history. But, if you can't get to one of my workshops, I urge you to use these worksheets and ideas to start your own "life story", autobiography, or personal journal, right now.

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