Collage supplies and antique-looking stuff
(an assortment of ideas)

Shopping for eclectic old-looking collage materials, and for "found art" dolls and crafts, is different.

It's great when you can find old and antique-looking elements for your work. Yard sales, thrift shops, and salvage shops/lots are perfect for this. Some of my best finds have been at church rummage sales. And don't forget box lots sold at country auctions.

However, sometimes I have a vision in my head, and it's necessary to buy new, or at least new-looking materials.

Here are a few tools I use to "age" these new items:

Tea and/or coffee stain nicely for an ancient ambiance. Add a few drops of food color, Dr. Martin's concentrated watercolors, or Kool-Aid for an unusual tint.

Sandpaper adds scratches, and takes the water-resistant surface off glossy items. Buy the variety pack, so you can vary the level of abrasion as necessary.

A good hammer is part of every collage-makers toolbox. A few dents and nicks, emphasized with a little tea or coffee in the crevices, makes almost anything look old!

And here's my best advice when you're adding age to your newer items: Add a spare to your worktable. That is, if I'm making five pocket shrines, I'll work on six. That way, I can eliminate the least attractive one in each group, and still have five great shrines when I'm finished.

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