Faerie Furniture

In the past year, I've experimented with faerie furniture. It started with a Victorian-style dollhouse door and staircase, painted and supported by a couple of nails on an outside-facing wall in my living room.

In time, I realized that my personal style is wilder and more natural. I purchased some pieces to construct a dollhouse-type staircase, and a dollhouse door assembly (door on a hinged frame, with doorknobs).

Faerie furniture in my living room

Instead of normal risers, I used twigs, cut to size with pruning shears. They are held in place with hot glue (the sturdy, high-temp kind.) Also, after painting the door assembly deep green (in case it showed through), I covered the door and its frame with twigs.

For color, I use dried flowers and mosses, purchased at the fabric store's craft section, and in Michael's craft supply shop (floral aisle.)

My favorites are very tiny red rosebuds, and the scroll-y bits that I cut from a grapevine wreath. I glued on a glittering gold doorknob when the remaining work was completed.

Faerie table and chair, made from twigs and flowers

Then, I made matching 'faerie furniture' from small twigs, also held together with hot glue. I used old dollhouse furniture as a measuring guide, to get the proportions right. Dishes on the table are loose caps from acorns. Both the table and the chairs are well-decorated with dried flowers, leaves, and dried, green mosses.

The effect is delightful... magickal!

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