Making and sending mailart

Ummmm....... There is no real "how-to" for mailart. Not really. It's a very personal art form. You decorate your envelope or whatever you're sending, and put it in the mail. Yep, that's it.


You can start with a white envelope and rubber stamp it. Dye it. Color it with markers. Put stickers on it. Fold it in strange and wonderful ways. Write on it sideways, not the usual format. Tie it with a ribbon. Whatever you want!

You can make your own envelopes from maps, magazine pages, newspapers, computer paper, grocery bags, or anything else that folds into a sort-of squarish shape. Or, forget squares and make circular envelopes.

You can make your own paper (basically, you use a blender and some cotton-type paper, shredded and placed in water, for starters) . You can color it. Throw in some flower petals. Or some magickal herbs. Or glitter. Or shredded up dollar bills. (Ever notice how some people go right over-the-edge if they see that you've "defaced" money? )

Or forget the envelope concept. Mail a wooden spoon with your message collaged on it. Or a saddle. Or a steering wheel. Or a shoe. Maybe mail your pillowcase, written alllllll over with colorful markers. (Sew the postage on it?)

The whole point of mailart is to step away from gridlock thinking about "the way things are done," and be original!

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