Recommended reading

In addition to other titles mentioned in this zine, I urge you to find copies of these:


Bantock, Nick. His artwork challenges me, and leads me to new ideas. Right now, I particularly like The Egyptian Jukebox, and Museum at Purgatory. However, other titles appeal to me when I'm in other moods.

Doggett, Sue. Bookworks is a must-read if you've ever thought about making books. Not big tomes, but little books, art books, decorative books... cool stuff!

Froud, Brian. I'm inspired by most of his work, but especially enjoy Good Faeries, Bad Faeries.

Goldberg, Natalie. Living Color. This one is a must-own if you paint, or ever wanted to.

Henri, Robert. The Art Spirit, his philosophies are as fresh now, as when he wrote this book in 1923.

Knapp, Jennifer. Find a copy of Retro Revamp. Read it. Giggle. Then make some dashboard shrines and tell me about them. Swap with others. Have FUN!

SARK. Her books are glorious. Some are better than others. I still favor her first two, Inspiration Sandwich, and A Creative Companion.

Stevenson, Cheryl. The Art of Handmade Paper and Collage. Good advice on papermaking and collage, plus overwhelmingly detailed, magnificent art. As much visual inspiration as anything else.

VanAmringe, Judyth. Home Art, creating Romance and Magic with Everyday Objects. This is a wild book that's not for everyone, but her projects are certain to generate your own creative decorating projects. (More books in the next issue, especially story books that inspire glorious artistic visions: Merchant of Marvels, The Tattooed Map, Paris Out of Hand, and more!)

Zines, newsletters, and magazines Oh my! So many good ones... The Gleaner, IQ, Tub Legs, Hand in Hand, Memory & Dream, Lucid Ease, and more... There are so many, and they come and go in a blink. For a list, see my zines list. Or join the BOTMzine exchange at Yahoo!Groups. if you're publishing a zine, and swap with other inspired people!

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