Let's start with clothing in general…

I've always loved fashion. I've been a model, and worked in fashion in LA for awhile. It's like costuming for a grand ball, or at least for Halloween, every day of the week!

However, my own wardrobe… *blush* I kept buying boring, functional clothing during pregnancies, and continued when the scale started climbing in later years. I had the idea that I'd buy "nice clothing" when I was back to my ideal weight.

Then, one day, I realized that I hated myself in photos, because I looked boring, overweight, and my clothes were… yuk.

In her book, Mother Plays With Dolls, elinor peace bailey says, as a cloth dollmaker, "I have had to invent the clothes of my trade and left to my own devices I have not made them of blue serge."

If you've ever seen elinor's wardrobe… well, it's wild and glorious. Do people stare at her? Oh yes, and she says, "I don't dress the way I do to be ignored."

So, here's the question… When a stranger sees you in the grocery store, do you provide any clues that you're a fabulously creative person? And no, the paint smears on the baggy blue jeans do not count! *LOL*

You hereby have permission to dress as the unique and artistic person that you are. You can start small, with a funky necklace or a new eye shadow, but… it's time to break out of that JC Penney's catalogue lineup. *grin*



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